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    Infosys Technologies Ltd.


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    Infosys Technologies Ltd. Empty Infosys Technologies Ltd.

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:28 am


    About Infosys
    Infosys Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: INFY) provides consulting and IT services to clients globally - as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives. With over 52,000 employees worldwide, we use a low-risk Global Delivery Model (GDM) to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability.

    Key milestones
    Year of Incorporation : 1981
    Became a public limited company in India : 1992
    ISO 9001/TickIT Certification : 1993
    Attained SEI-CMM Level 4 : 1997
    Listed on NASDAQ : 1999
    Crossed $100 million in annual revenues : 1999
    Attained SEI-CMM Level 5 : 1999
    Crossed $400 million in revenues : 2001
    Crossed $ half a billion in revenues : 2002
    Crossed $ billion in revenues : 2004
    Crossed $ 2 billion in revenues : 2006


    You should always check the company profile before attending HR interview. Get details of INFOSYS at their website link given below:


    Informed. Intuitive. Intelligent. Imaginative. Competitive. Global. Changing the rules of the game. Changing the world. Powered by intellect and driven by values, Infosys is the face of new India. A world leader in consulting and information technology services, Infosys partners with Global 2000 companies to provide business consulting, systems integration, application development and product engineering services. Ch eta naS

    We are looking for entry-level Software Engineers (FRESHERS) for our development centers at Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Mohali, Mysore, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram.

    You should belong to one of the following profile groups:
    · Fresh Engineering graduates/ post graduates, Msc (Maths, Statistics, Physics or Computer Science) or MCAs graduated in 2005.
    · Engineers graduated not earlier than 2003 with up to 2 years of post-qualification experience in any industry and interested in a career shift to software development.

    The following conditions apply:
    · You should have a consistently excellent academic record, through standards 10, 12, engineering/ graduation and post graduation.
    · You must not have participated in Infosys's selection process in the past 9 months (i.e. between May 2005 and January 2006)
    · Those who have sent in their resumes to Infosys in the last one year and have not invited to participate in the selection process, need not apply again.

    How to apply:
    * If you have a BE/BTech or equivalent in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology or MCA with graduation in Maths, Statistics, Physics, or Computer Science, the Job Code is SWT-01
    * The job code for others is SWT-02

    Please ensure your resume includes key details such as date of birth, email ID, and aggregate academic credentials of standards 10, 12, Graduation and Post Graduation.

    Send in your resume, mentioning the following in the subject line: Job Code and Preferred location of selection test (eg. SWT-01 - Bangalore) to

    Candidates with 1-3 years of software experience can send in their resume to


    INFOSYS receives lakhs of resumes every year and they can offer call letter for around 10,000 people only for every test. So sometimes it depends on luck also.

    But here are few tips that may maximize your chance of getting call.

    1) For INFOSYS, following details are mandatory. Without these, they will simply throw your resume in to trash. They won't even look at other details. So make sure that these details are in 1 st page of resume and clearly visible.
    -- Full Name, Mail ID, Contact Address, Phone Number
    -- Date of Birth
    -- Academics of 10 th, Inter, Grad, PostGrad (Write Aggregate Percentages. Don't write percentages of each Semester. They won't calculate what is the average percentage.)

    2) Try to send your resume every 15 days or 30 days. (Especially send it when they announce Off-Campus in news papers.)

    3) Write a small covering letter saying that you did not attend INFOSYS test till now and would like to get a call for next possible test. (Or if you did not attend in last 9 months, mention that.)

    4) See to it that your resume is proper.

    Most Importantly, BE PREPARED for the test even when you apply. Generally INFOSYS tries to give a call for all eligible candidates. So you may suddenly get a call and then you should NOT postpone it. If you postpone, you will never know when you will get a call again.

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    Infosys Technologies Ltd. Empty Re: Infosys Technologies Ltd.

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