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    Atrenta India Pvt Ltd (

    Atrenta (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a 100 % owned subsidiary of Atrenta Inc. USA. Atrenta India was formed in May 2001 and operates from its development center in Noida & Bangalore. It is led by an experienced and technically skilled management team and currently employs more than 215 professionals from premier technical institutes in India. Atrenta Inc. has more than 100 global customers, which include 10 of the top 10 semiconductor companies and more than 27 of the top 30 chip companies.

    Our Technology
    Atrenta pioneered the RTL analysis with its SpyGlass tool and rapidly evolved SpyGlass into 2nd and 3rd generation tools. With Atrenta solution, design development is transformed into a continuous realization of design closure jumpstarted at RTL phase. With Atrenta impact, RTL handoff achieves multi-dimensional goals the traditional functional correctness as well as RTL readiness for synthesizability, testability, timing etc. Atrenta'SpyGlass and 1Team solutions take the uncertainty and chance out of electronic product creation, enabling customers to build better products, more quickly and economically than ever before.

    Training Program Administrators

    Job Description :

    • To coordinate all internal staff trainings at Noida.
    • Publishing and distributing training announcements, schedules and course summary.
    • Scheduling facilities and instructors.
    • Providing support for developing instructional materials, support graphics and reproduction services.
    • Managing and maintaining systems for training records, data bases and reports.
    • Controlling procedures for developing, issuing and mainlining training media.
    • Processing requests for training, reports, exceptions and extensions.
    • Coordinating information exchange and sharing activities.
    • Tracking trainees and instructors qualifications.

    Desired Skills :
    • A degree or equivalent course.
    • Excellent coordination and communication skills.
    • Good command over excel and power point.

    Number of Vacancies :

    Job Location : Noida

    Desired Experience : 0-1 Years


    How to Apply for this Job ?

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