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    ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Scientist/Engineers Recruitment Sample Paper for Computer Science (IT)


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    ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Scientist/Engineers Recruitment Sample Paper for Computer Science (IT)

    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:30 am

    This Sample Paper is based on the expected syllabus for ISRO Scientist/Engineer Recruitment Exam. Candidates may get an idea about what to read for the Computer Science / IT Stream Examination. We wish all of you a good luck for the paper. This question paper has been adapted from GJ Tutorial's IT Study material based on the vast experience in teaching for various similar recruitment and admission exams.

    1. Which of the following features usually applies to data in a data warehouse?

    (a) Data are often deleted

    (b) Most applications consists of transactions

    (c) Data are rarely deleted

    (d) Relatively few records are processed by applications

    (e) None of these

    2. Which of the following is a transaction?

    (a) A group of SQL statements consisting of one read and one write operation

    (b) A group of SQL statements consisting only of ready operations.

    (c) A group of SQL statements defining a user-oriented task

    (d) A group of SQL statements consisting only of write operations.

    (e) None of these

    3. There are several security devices used to stop individuals from exploiting your system. Which of the following is used in conjunction with a firewall?

    (a) Proxy server

    (b) Intrusion- detection system

    (c) Terminal server

    (d) Web server

    (e) None of these

    4. The effect of the ROLLBACK command in a transaction is the following......

    (a) Undo all changes to the data- base resulting from the execution of the transaction

    (b) Undo the effects of the last UPDATE command

    (c) Restore the content of the database to its state at the end of the previous day

    (d) Make sure that all changes to the database are in effect

    (e) None of these

    5. A client / server network ..........

    (a) has clients that provide functions such as application control and shared computation.

    (b) uses client computers to provide copies of software to the server to allow server processing.

    (c) provides a company with the capability to downsize from lager computer systems and move away from legacy systems.

    (d) has server computers that perform all processing, clients are' dumb' input/ output devices only.

    (e) None of these.

    6. An applet is ....... Document application program.

    (a) a static

    (b) a dynamic

    (c) an active

    (d) a passive

    (e) None of these

    7. The local antenna for satellite connections is called a ........

    (a) modem

    (b) terminal

    (c) VSAT

    (d) DTA

    (e) None of these

    8. What are the four basis connecting hardware devices?

    (a) Repeater, bridge, router and gateway

    (b) Repeater, bridge, router and dell

    (c) Repeater, connector, router and gateway

    (d) Amplifier, bridge, router and gateway

    (e) None of these

    9. Which type of processing speed measurement is used primarily with supercomputers?

    (a) Flops

    (b) Fractions of second

    (c) Gigahertz

    (d) MIPS

    (e) None of these

    10. This type of software is designed for users who want to customize the programs they use.

    (a) Shareware

    (b) Open-source software

    (c) Freeware

    (d) Macros

    (e) None of these

    11. What is the term associated with the second part of an e-mail address?

    (a) Local address

    (b) Eight characters long

    (c) User name

    (d) Domain name

    (e) None of these

    12. A port that allows 8 bits at a time to be transmitted simultaneously is a (n) .....

    (a) dedicated port

    (b) parallel port

    (c) SCSI port

    (d) USB port

    (e) None of these

    13. In order for computers to communicate across a network, they must be connected through a(n).....

    (a) TCP/IP

    (b) Topology

    (c) Ethernet

    (d) Thin client

    (e) None of these

    (e) C. Rangarajan

    14. What is a specialized software program that allows input and output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system?

    (a) Utility driver

    (b) Utility program

    (c) Data compression utility

    (d) Device driver

    (e) None of these

    15. Single party disk relying on the disk controller for finding out which disk has failed is used by-

    (a) RAID level 5

    (b) RAID level 2

    (c) RAID level 4

    (d) RAID level 3

    (e) RAID level 1

    16. Which of these terms refers to the feature of an OS that allows a single computer to process the tasks of several users at different stations, in round-robin fashion?

    (a) Multiprocessing

    (b) Multiprogramming

    (c) Multitasking

    (d) Time processing

    (e) Time-sharing

    17. Which of the following statements is not true about two-tier client-server database architecture?

    (a) SQL statements are processed on the server

    (b) SQL statements may be processed on some of the clients

    (c) Business logic is mostly processed on clients

    (d) Business logic may be processed on the server

    (e) None of these

    18. A Relational operator that yields all values from selected attributes is known as a -

    (a) difference

    (b) product

    (c) select

    (d) project

    (e) join

    19. Normalization is:

    (a) the process of creating small stable data structures from complex groups of data when designing a relational database

    (b) a methodology for documenting database illustrating the relationship between various entities in the database

    (c) an approach to data management that stores both data and the procedures acting on the data as object that can be automatically retrieved and shared

    (d) a representation of data as they would appear to an application programmer or user

    (e) a representation of data as they actually would be organized on physical storage media

    20. The process of building a model that demonstrate the features of a proposed product, service or system is called a -

    (a) JAD

    (b) RAD

    (c) templating

    (d) prototyping

    (e) TAD

    21. Which of the following is mandatory component of a URL?

    (a) Resource Path

    (b) Protocol

    (c) Port Number

    (d) Domain Name

    (e) None of these

    22. DBMS allows you to extrapolate information from your data by using a-

    (a) query language

    (b) table generator

    (c) report generator

    (d) wizard

    (e) None of these

    23. A subschema is -

    (a) a description of the physical and logical structure of data and the relationship among the data

    (b) a file that identifies the subset of data that a group of users can access

    (c) a detailed description of all data contained in the database

    (d) a description of the types of modifications that users can make to a database

    (e) Either (c) or (d)

    24. Which of the following is not a type of hub?

    (a) Passive hub

    (b) Inactive hub

    (c) Switching hub

    (d) Intelligent hub

    (e) None of these

    25. The ........... lists the location of files on the disk

    (a) FAT

    (b) boot sector

    (c) root folder

    (d) data area

    (e) None of these

    1. (b) 2. (a) 3. (a) 4. (a) 5. (b)
    6. (b) 7. (e) 8. (a) 9. (a) 10. (a)
    11. (d) 12. (b) 13. (b) 14. (d) 15. (d)
    16. (e) 17. (c) 18. (d) 19. (a) 20. (d)
    21. (e) 22. (a) 23. (e) 24. (b) 25. (a)


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    Re: ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Scientist/Engineers Recruitment Sample Paper for Computer Science (IT)

    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:31 am

    1) Moore model of DFF?

    2) Which of the following filter has steep roll-off characteristics?
    (A) Butterworth filter (B) Chebyshev filter (C) Bessel filter (D)--
    ans: B

    3)The architecture of DSP processor---------
    (A) Havard (B) Von neumann (C)...(D)..
    ans: A

    4)If the input frequency to a 6 stage ripple counter is 1000MHz then output frequency at 6th stage_______

    5)Minimum number of 2 input NAND gates required to realise the fn. AB' CD' EF'
    ans: 6

    6)What will exit() fn. in C will do?

    7) go to command in C will cause the program to jump to----
    ans: Label

    8)VSWR is given then asked to find out reflection coefficient

    9)The relation between power in FM signal and modulation index--------

    10)If two signals are AM modulated with modulation indices of 0.3 and 0.4 what will be the modulation index of combined signal?
    ans: Calculate using 1/M=(1/m1) (1/m2)

    11)If n stage pipelining is used in a processor, then what will be the speed improvement over non pipelined processor?
    (A) same (B) n (C) n! (D) 2n

    12) One circuit is given (That was a Voltage Doubler using op-amp) and asked to Identify that...

    13) Which one of the following memory has fastest write time?

    (A) Flash (B) EEPROM (C) EPROM (D) None of these

    14) In EEPROM data is stored in____
    (A) Cross coupled Latch (B) Capacitor (C) floating gate transistor (D)--

    15) Which technology is faster?
    (A) Bipolar (B) MOS (C) CMOS (D) ..

    16)Memory access time, cache access time , hit ratio are given, Asked to find out Average memory access time

    17) If the probability of getting a job for A is 1/3 and the probability of getting a job for B is 1/4 then the probability of getting a job for A or B will be____?

    18)One transfer fn As4 Bs3 Cs2 D=0 (I don't remember the values of A,B,C,D ) is given, Asked to find out whether the system is____
    (A) Stable (B) Unstable (C) Marginally Stable

    19) For implementing D flip flop using RS flip flop, the extra component needed is____
    (A) AND gate (B) OR gate (C) NOT gate (D) NOR gate

    20)The output of an 8 bit DAC is 1Volt when the input is 00110010, then the full scale output of the same DAC will be____
    ans: 5.1 V (Hint: 1/50*255)

    21)Fastest ADC is___
    (A) SAR (B) sigma- delta (C) flash (D)...

    22)The operating point of Class-B amplifier will be at_____
    (A) exactly at cut-off region (B) inside saturation region (C) inside cut-off region (D) middle of active region

    23)For an N bit ADC , the number of comparators needed___
    (A) N (B) 2N (C) 2N -1 (D) 2N-1

    24)De-emphasis circuit is used for_______
    ans: Attenuating high frequency components

    25)The laplace transform of e-2t _____
    Ans: 1/(s 2)

    26)The magnitude of 1 cos x j sin x____
    Ans: 2 cos (x/2)

    27) A circuit is given in which the capacitor (1uF) is initially charged to 12V , At t = 0, one switch is closed so that another capacitor of capacity 1.5uF comes in parallel with the first capacitor, then in steady state what will be the voltage across them? ( Visualize the circuit , as I can not draw the circuit since the editor is not supporting it)

    28)Alpha of a transistor=0.99, Ico=1uA, Ie=1 mA, Ic=?

    29)If the input given to an inductor is delta(t) (ie: =1 when t=0 and ,=0 otherwise) then the current will be___
    (A) infinity (B) -infinity (C) 1 (D) 0

    30) For implementing Band pass filter using High pass filter (Cutt off freq=Fh) and Low pass filter (cutt off freq= Fl)_____
    (A)Fh=Fl (B) Fh>Fl (C) Fh
    Ans: Fh

    31)In the Enhancement type MOSFET the gate to source voltage Vs drain current characteristics will be____
    Ans: Drain current Increases as Vgs increases in active region

    32)In a johnson counter, How many state have to be changed to increment the count from 0100 to 0111?

    33)Odd parity generator is____
    Ans: XNOR gate

    34)A circuit using op-amp was given, the question was to calculate output offset voltage___
    Ans: Vo(off)=Vin(off)*(1 Rf/R1)

    35)Antialiasing filter is_____
    (A) Digital filter (B) Analog filter (C) Can be Analog or digital (D) RC filter

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