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    HCL Campus Placement Pattern


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    HCL Campus Placement Pattern

    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:49 am

    HCL recruits B.Tech, B.E., MCA students only.

    B.Tech, B.E. in the stream of ECE, EEE, CSE, IT, E&I and other departments are eligible.

    No Standing Arrears. History of arrears depends upon the panel setup the HR. Some one HR rejects students who are having History of arrears will not eligible for online test itself.

    Usually HCL Campus Placement Contains

    1. Computer Based Online Aptitude Test

    Online Test is outsourced by Aspiring Minds for HCL. It contains 4 modules. They are

    English Verbal Ability

    English Verbal ability has Synonyms, antonyms, comprehension, sentence formation etc.

    Quantitative Aptitude

    Quantitative aptitude has problems based on Numbers, H.C.F. and LCM, logarithms, square roots and cube roots, ratio, partnership, pipes and cistern, time and work, time and distance, boats and streams, alligation or mixture, simple interest, compound interest, permutations and combinations, probability etc.

    Computer Programming

    For computer programming has questions asked from basics of C, C++ languages. Knowing Concepts of OOPs is better. Working of if conditions, for loop and basics, syntax must be known.

    Logical Reasoning

    Logical reasoning has problems based on verbal classification, analogies, artifical language, matching definitions, making judgements, verbal reasoning, logical problems, cause and effect etc.

    Each module has certain time period of ½ an hour. You cannot go to previous questions which is already completed or answered. You cannot move to next question unless current question was completed. If the time expires in one of the module, it will automatically switch overs to another module. Results of Online Aptitude Test will be usually sent by email only.
    2. Technical Group Discussion:

    Registration will be there to confirm the identity, you have to take a print out of email.

    After Registration, for Technical Group discussion, panels will be split up. They may ask to speak on any topic. Even though they can ask to choose the topic yourself. For HCL, Filteration process will be in Group Discussion only. So be confident. Don’t Worry.
    3.Technical Interview:

    Usually technical interview will be questioned from your areas of interest.

    For ECE students, Please read the basics of Electronic Devices, Electronic Circuits, Digital Electronics, Signals and systems, Digital Signal Processing, Analog Communication, Digital Communication, System design Using Integrated Circuits, Microprocessor and microcontrollers such as 8085, 8086, 8051 etc. Candidates must know the basics of C, C++ and OOPS concept. No need of programming capability.

    4. HR Interview:

    Usually who are cleared the Technical Interview, will be interviewed by HR for a formality only. Those who are cleared Technical interview can have the guts will be selected by the company. But due to lack of communication skills, there are lot of students rejected by HRs.

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