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    (0-2 Years) "TAASHEE SERVICES" recruits JAVA, J2EE Developers @ Hyderabad


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    (0-2 Years) "TAASHEE SERVICES" recruits JAVA, J2EE Developers @ Hyderabad

    Post by Admin on Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:27 pm

    Taashee Linux Services

    Taashee is a 100% Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) company based in India. We specialize in open source solutions because we believe in the quality it provides. Companies who use Linux experience higher stability, security and performance with lower costs and less administrative headaches compared to those companies using closed and locked down solutions. On a similar note, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, which is another example of enterprise open source has been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction over ten measurement categories. Full report here
    Our commitment and skills have helped us earn the coveted Advance Partner status of Red Hat for its platform and middleware products.
    Taashee helps its customers to fully utilize the power of Linux and open source technologies. This results in, higher stability, higher security and higher performance with lower cost and lesser administrative overheads compared to proprietary solutions. Even for long-time Unix users, who are stuck with complexities of proprietary solutions, we offer migration services to switch over to Enterprise-grade Red Hat.

    Our staff is committed to coming up with the most reliable and secure solution for your company while keeping cost-savings a priority. Because we realize our customers’ time is valuable, we maintain high uptimes. For us, the final product goes beyond hardware and software. In the end, our success lies in our customers’ businesses running effectively.
    Our services include:
    High-availability clusters
    High-performance clusters
    Migration to Enterprise-grade Red Hat
    Remote and on-site system management
    Maintenance services
    Data Center setup services (only for Linux servers)
    Disaster Recovery (DR) and High-availability (HA) using DRBD
    Telco-grade Mail servers
    JBoss clusters
    JBoss Production-level optimization
    Security & Optimization
    Weblogic-to-Jboss migration.

    J2EE Developers

    Job activities include :
    • Working on J2EE Technologies for creating new applications.
    • Learning advanced technologies like BRMS & SOA.
    • Creation & deployment of J2EE Applications packages (.war .ear & .jar files) on JBoss & Tomocat.
    • Installation & Configuration of JBoss & Apache.
    • Providing Technical Support.

    Job Location : Hyderabad

    Desired Experience : 0-2 Years


    How to Apply for this Job ?


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