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    TCS Recruitment experience @ BVRIT on 15th and 16th December 2010


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    TCS Recruitment experience @ BVRIT on 15th and 16th December 2010

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:18 pm

    Hello friends,
    This is Harika 4th year IT (2007-2011) and I would like to share my experience during the TCS recruitment campaign conducted on 15th and 16th of December 2010 in BVRIT campus. I am one of the lucky ones to get selected in TCS.

    Since TCS pattern of selecting students has changed over the year, it is not a cake walk for all of the aspiring students who want to get selected in TCS, but with hard work and good luck you can make it a cake walk.

    We came to know about TCS dates during our final exams of 4-1 semester. We were lucky enough to get the sufficient time for preparing for the placements since the placements were after 15 days after exams, but not all colleges were lucky enough. I would say preparation for the placements on beforehand will help you to get success in clearing TCS recruitment process.

    TCS recruitment comprises of the following stages:-
    1) Aptitude
    2) TR round (technical interview)
    3) HR round

    For us the top 5 rankers were exempted from aptitude and they received direct entry to round 2.
    But I was not one of the lucky ones who got the Green Channel. So I had to prepare
    from the first round of the procedure.

    1)Aptitude :-
    A good number of students cleared aptitude from our college, out of 358 eligible candidates 210 cleared the aptitude round. If you think you are good in Mathematics so there is no need to prepare for this round then you will be proved wrong because questions asked in TCS aptitude are twisted and not just basic mathematics.

    TCS pattern of aptitude changed this year. There are 35 questions and we were given 80 minutes and the time in few colleges was only 60 minutes, be careful while answering questions which you don’t know because there is 1/3rd negative marking.

    With proper training given by college ,we were able to clear the aptitude round easily. Refer to previous aptitude question papers which are available in the net.

    2)TR (Technical Round):-
    Technical round was easy for some and for some it was complicated. It all depends upon the person who is interviewing you.

    For me it took almost 1 ½ hour for the technical round. The sir who was questioning me checked my technical as well as my HR skills too simultaneously.
    He bombarded me with technical questions on all my core subjects and also my areas of interest. He asked me to write a java program using the basic OOPS concepts like inheritance, polymorphism etc. He asked me to show my marks memos, he asked me about some of my subjects like middleware technologies,Ecommerce etc.

    Overall I would suggest you to be thorough with all the basics of your core subjects, because the person interviewing you might ask you question on any subject not just your areas of interest.
    About 172 students cleared technical round.

    3)HR Round:-
    HR Round was cake walk for few students and a stress HR for few students. For me the HR was a stress HR, Stress HR basically means how you are reacting to a stress given to you. The HR basically tests your level of patience because he wants an employee who does not break under pressure.

    Face the HR confidently and make sure that you defend yourself without offending the HR.Dont be quite when you are offended by the HR,this indicates that you are lacking confidence on your self

    Some of the common questions are about your family and your hobbies. Choose your hobbies carefully because they are going to check whether your hobbies are genuine or not.

    About 122 students got placed in TCS.
    ALL THE BEST!!!!


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