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    Change Ur Mobile Alerts Timings To 24 Hours-To get instant updates


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    Change Ur Mobile Alerts Timings To 24 Hours-To get instant updates

    Post by Admin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:32 pm

    Follow the below given steps only after u subscribe to the MANAGEMENTGURUZ mobile alerts

    If u are not yet subscribed then visit this link to subscribe to MANAGEMENTGURUZ mobile alerts

    Follow the below steps to change your alert timings


    Click on the below link

    Now u will be Re-directed to a login page like shown below

    Give any one of your Google Id & Password to login in to the Page.


    Now u will be promoted to the Conformation page as shown below

    Click on jobs-ManagementGuruZ which is highlighted with red mark( As shown in the below image )


    Now click on the "Settings" Tab which is on the right most corner of the page as shown in the below image


    Now u will get the settings as shown below

    Change the below things which is mandatory to get the 24 Hours alerts

    Start time : 12:00 AM

    End time : 11:30 PM

    Now at last click on the " Save changes " Button.That's it now u can get the alerts for 24 hours.

    if your subscribed to any other sms channels then it would be better if u increase the " Maximum messages per day : 100 "

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