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    TCS Paper on 12 January 2011 @ Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology


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    TCS Paper on 12 January 2011 @ Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:17 pm

    Hello friends, I am Aptha from Electronics, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of technology, Bangalore. We had TCS recruitment process on 12th of January 2011 at our college. I would like to share my experience.

    Nearly 500 appeared for Aptitude. We were made in 4 groups and sent for Touchstone online exam.Most of the questions were from online demo papers and previous question papers with changes in data. We have to answer 35 in 80 minutes (enough time!). There was no upper cutoff but lower cutoff was around 22 (but it was rumored that we had lower and upper cut off of 18 and 27 respectively before the test , so many of us answered for 27). At 4pm in evening they announced third round results and I was one of them in selected candidates. Around 250 made into next rounds. Many of us who had answered for 27 or less did not get through. So answer for 30 or more. Sometimes they check exactness of your answers as well. I had answered for 31.

    The second round was mix of Technical and HR. I had technical round at 7.30pm. Me and my friend was asked to sit in front of a Technical person. Initially I greeted him and sat but made a BIG mistake! I greeted ‘good morning’ at 7.30pm! then I realized and corrected ( never make this mistake coz it shows your presence of mind).

    Technical: Tell me about yourself?
    Me: told .

    Technical: Tell me software development cycles?

    Me: Didn’t know the answer. Told I don’t know

    Technical: What are the subjects you had in first year?

    Me: physics,C,Electronics,Basics of mechanical,Civil…

    Technical: Then he asked me to tell the differences between 4 stroke and 2 stroke engine

    Me: I hadn’t remembered so told I don’t know. Asked the same questions to my friend.

    Technical: What is stress?

    Me: told ( it took some time to regain the concept and told in broken concepts)

    Technical: what is pressure?

    Me: told ( he did not check my resume atleast! Asked his own questions!)

    Technical: Tell me about your project work?

    Me: till now I had bad interview after this I thought this would be my last chance to impress him. I had started my project work recently so I was pretty confident of answering this. So answered how I started, how I am moving and Implementation ( Remember tell them implementation of your project properly. Even if you have not started your project work know some ideas and learn its implementation part. They don’t go in depth.)

    Technical: ok you can leave.

    Me : Left….

    This person was not cordial.He did not check any of us resume and certificates. But keep yourself cool and answer without hesitating. Even if you make mistakes don’t worry answer for his questions with good pitch of voice.

    Candidates who were good at technical were directly selected and were told to wait for results and the candidates who were not selected were also told the same (to one of my friends, panelists asked to collect his call letter right after the interview). For those who had normal technical skills were sent to HR round. I was sent to the HR round and that HR was very nice and cordial. He set us, up as a group of 10 and asked one of the candidates to interview the other in chain manner( suppose I will interview one and in the next turn he will interview me). In this round he will check communication skills and confidence level. Answer in bit louder voice. Questions depends on your friend! So after my turn I was asked to wait for results.


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