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    Shout Box ( SB ) Rules


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    Shout Box ( SB ) Rules Empty Shout Box ( SB ) Rules

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:00 pm

    Below are listed the main rules of the Shoutbox. We cant list out every minor detail because it would take forever!

    Be kind to others using the Shoutbox

    1. Do NOT use inappropriate language(Abusing,harassing etc)

    2. Do NOT use Bigger Font and colors which are hard to read in shoutbox.

    3. No direct or Indirect advertising in shoutbox (Direct links are not allowed)

    4. Sharing email ids/messenger ids/Contact no's via shoutbox and any other medium are not allowed.

    5. What ever moderators say is always rite. So kindly follow it.

    6. Respect everyone and treat the forums with care for since it took a good amount of time to create.

    7. Do not harass or argue or fight or flirting with anyone on shoutbox regardless of reasons or excuses, Do respect everyone on shoutbox.

    8. Do not fight or start arguing like a child over little issues with anyone on shoutbox.

    9. Do not discuss controversial issues on politics and heroes etc.

    10. Do not shout or spam with smileys continuously.

    Be active and have fun!

    Any violation of the above rules may get you banned on shoutbox or banned from ManagementGuruZ.

    ManagementGuruZ Staff

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