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    TCS New Test Pattern-2010


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    TCS New Test Pattern-2010

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:11 pm

    TCS PAPER(21 n 22nd aug,2010)

    HAI frns...
    i hav attended tcs written nd wrote some Qns, i vl b vry USEFUL, preapre these b4 gng 2 xam, u wl at atleast 10-12 Qns dirctly frm these..

    u will find most of d q's to be lengthy and thr is sme info given in d
    q which is not used to get d ans....they js hv made d q's lengthy to
    kill time....but d q's r all i cn say abt d paper is to
    test our managment of time..

    tcs paper consists of 35 q's to be answrd in 1 hr....

    i atmptd 27 of thm and got some time left to do 2 q's but thot of
    reviewn d answrd q's.....i thot it was a good to ans some nd get thm
    right than answerin many...

    i hve placed the q's as i dont completely rely on
    them....but these topics r sure to be covered in the exam....

    • A man bought 1 orange per rupee, 2 palms per rupe n 3 grapes per rupe, & he spent 7 rupees to buy fruits for his 2 chidren equally…(its very lengthy, I made it simple). Wat r the fruits??
    ANS: 1 orange 2 palms 3 grapes
    • One third of a no. is 2 more dan 1/6th of dat no. find no.
    Ans. 12
    • they hav given length of thickness and som length of wire and bla bla, at d last 3 lines dey given current and voltage and asked to find resistance.
    Ans.V=IR, r=v/i
    • find d 11 digit no using 1,2,3,4,5 and repetitions allowed which is divisible by 4.
    Ans. Not solved but solve and go
    • A says lies in Thursday , Friday , Saturday and B says lies in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On wat day both says truth.
    Ans. Sunday.
    • A man stood in front of paint and said I’ve no brthrs and sis’s , his father is d son of my father. Wat is d relation of the person in the paint to d man.
    Ans. Son
    • Old women said no of days of my grand daughter = no of months my daughters is?
    And my age in no of years is= no of weeks of my grand daughter . sum of their ages is 115. Find d old women age?
    Ans. Solve it
    • Alies have some gloves and socks, in three colours 18 red, 32 blue, 42 green. Find d probability dat she picks up radomnly each pair of gloves for three colours.
    Ans. Solve it
    • Find d minimum no dat divides 2850 to make it a perfect square.
    Ans. 5
    • X,y,z r three sons. X elder, z youngest, x=y+3, x=3z, difference of some of the 2 children is 3. Find d elder age?
    Ans. 15

    • a tailor has 37.5m of cloth and he has to make pieces out a meter of a cloth. How many pieces he can make?
    Ans. It is in RS Agarval.
    • The ratios of ages if a:b is 6:5 and sum of their ages 77. After how many years their ages will be in the ratio 8:7?
    • The given sum of two no’s and product of those two no’s and asked to find sum of d squares of those no.
    • They hav given 2 Q’s on ages and their avgs.
    • A tank is filing 10 in ltrs in 1st day, 20 in 2nd day, 40 in 3rd day and 80 on 4th day and so on. If 1/8th of the tank is filled in 23 days then how many days it take to fill dat tank completely.
    Ans. 26

    • One Qstn on series.
    • A pot contains 1L of milk and another pot contains 1L tea. If 10ml of tea is taken and poured in d pot of milk and 10ml from d mixer is taken and poured in Tea. Then which of the following is correct.
    • Tea pot contains more milk
    • Milk pot contains more milk like this (I did not remember properly.)
    • A man from A to B at a speed of x kmph and B to A at a speed of y kmph. Find d avg speed of journey.
    Ans. 2xy/(x+y)
    • Samrat, arun and damma went to d hill and weighed individually first and 2 at a time and finally all d three. The last weight is 191. Find d avg of all combinations.
    Ans. 4(191/7).
    • Given that (84*84*84-54*54*54) / (84*84+84*54+54*54)== ????
    Ans: Its jstly in formula of (a^3 – b^3) / (a^2+a*b+b^2)= (a-b)
    So 84-54= 30(ans)
    • While his journey, a traveler saws a bear in north side of india, and travelled trought out country along with that bear ,, due to wheather And climatic conditions , on that they gave unnessary stuff and finally asks whts the color of bear.
    Ans : polar bear doest changes its color so answer ia WHITE
    • On probability a die and a pack of cards are used simultaneously, whts the sum of two is grater than 7 will cum recurrently
    • 8 b. 9 c, 10 d. 8 or 9
    I got 8 as answer bt I m not sure..
    • Here is jumbled world containing PCERTEAE
    Ans : aftr reassigning the word whts that word represents
    • City b, bird c. Animal d. none
    I don’t knw the answer, once check dictionary
    • A room has dimesions like x m length and y m breadth and gave that room has density and humidity and so on unnecessary stuff abt 5 lines…….bt the question is abt area of that room
    Ans : (x*y) Sq,m
    (a*a*a - b*b*b)/(a*a + a*b + b*b)

    they gave some values instead of a , b like a=79 and b=61 for
    ans a-b=79-61
    26 (4x + 2y)/2x + y) = ? wen x = 2y

    solvin jus by substitutn..

    27 . a factory prepares some product X and the cost of production
    consists of 3 parts - labour, raw materials and elec cost and the
    ratio in wich tthe c.p. is distributd is 4:6:3 resp...if the labour
    costs 100$ thn wt is d total cost?

    ans: 4 parts = 100$ tot c.p = 4+6+3 = 13 parts = 13 * 25 $

    28 thr will be some changes due to changes in the beahaviour of
    animals wen thr changes in d climatic conditions.....a man is a
    researcher on d behaviour on bears....he goes 1 mile north 4m his
    station 2 follow a bear and then follows it to 1mile east collars the
    bear wid some indicator and returns back to the station moving 1 mile
    south....wt color is the bear
    optns : white, brown, black,......
    ans : i think is white

    29 the ages of two of my 3 grandchildren differ by 2 or 3 yrs(i
    dont rmbr perfctly)....and the eldest is 3 times older thn the
    youngest wt is d age of the eldest?

    ans: i got is 15 yrs as i remember and i got dis only while
    checkin d options.......dis type of q is 4m numbers chapter in any
    quant buk...

    30 thr is a mercedes wich moves at a speed of 48kmph and a
    ferrari at a speed 4 times d mercedes...if the dist is 947 km thn wt
    is d time taken by mercedes?

    ans: time = dist / speed i placed d q very clearly but
    he gave a lot of matter to kill d tym and confuse us.....

    31 B is a water tank....water flows into it at such a rate dt d
    water in dt will be 10lt, 20lt, 40 lt, 80 lt,....after 1hr, 2hr, 3
    hr,......after 19 hrs d tank filles upto 1/16th.....wt is d time it
    takes to gt filled completely.....i dont rembr dis correctly but do
    dis type of q 4m pipes and cisterns chapter i think....

    ans: i didnt atmpt dis q as dis takes tym nd for sure to
    make a mis in calc.....

    32 half of a no is 6 more thn 1/6th of d no....wt is d no..?

    33 thr r 100 houses in a street and a prime no (wich is b/w 140
    and 180) no of shops and each house must have stairs of 100 so in all
    how many 7's are thr???.....i dont rembr d q correctly

    ans : i didnt ans d q it takes a lot of time....

    34 jumble these letters P E T E R A K A....wt is it?

    optns: fruit, vegtable , city, bird

    ans i dint ans dis

    35 a gal hsa cubes of 7 in vol....she uses d cubes to make a
    block of 9cubes in length and 4 cubes in width and 7 cubes in
    depth....if she only kept d boundaries how many cubes does she stil
    need to complete d block?

    ans: (9-2) * (7-2) * (4-2) = 70

    36 how many 10 digit nos can be formed using 1,2,3,4,5 wich are
    divisible by 4 reptitions are allowed?

    ans: divisible by 4 - last two digits must be divisible by 4
    so d chances for d last two digits must be in {12, 24, 32, 44, 52}
    the last two digits cn b filled in 5 ways and d rest
    8 digits in 5 ways each so d ans is 5 to d pow 9.....he gave d ans in
    complete after solvin.....u dont hv to calc.... js check d optn wich
    has units digit 5...dt will be ans...

    Hi frnds they’ve given very long Q’s and lengty Q’s but i kept it simple here. They r time killing, read only last few lines to solve the Q’s.
    prepare all the above, u may get some of these Q’s.

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