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    Planning a resume - Resume Building


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    Planning a resume - Resume Building Empty Planning a resume - Resume Building

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:24 pm

    Preparing a resume - This may take even few minutes or even hours. Resume preparation takes days. You need to plan your career, improve your skillset & even academic records.

    Now, lets be practical and get to the point. What does an employer look for in a resume - for a fresher ? Any recruiter looks for employability of a candidate. Does he/she have the capacity & interest to do the stuff?

    When a recruiter has to shortlist 5 resumes out of 1000, he has to go by stats. He really has to choose the BEST FIVE. Now, how to prepare a resume that gets selected as one of the best resumes?

    1. Academic Records:
    Start planning from your college days. Some companies don't recruit candidates that have secured less than even 70%. Some have this limit as 65% & some others 60%. Very few companies don't mind about percentage. Its really a sad story, when someone has secured 58-59% and hence they don't get replies from the companies.
    So, plan from college days. Make sure you get 70%, so you qualify for most companies. If your know your friends doing college, forward this article to them as they may not realize how crucial it is.

    2. Skill Set:

    Now, this is tricky. People ask you to learn everything you can. But, seriously that is NOT gonna help.

    True that you're still a fresher and the company the recruits you has to train you. But, for the recruiter, it is a Bonus if you have the required skills already. To improve your chances, its good to have knowledge & project experiences in C/C++, Java or .NET. Your project experiences are your main strengths. When you go for an interview, the interviewer is more likely to ask about your project.

    Try to join a good institute which provides good design framework for projects, take the project seriously, learn whatever you do & complete the project. Now, you can add this project experience to your resume. This is just a matter of 20-30 days, but can add a lot of value to your resume.

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