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    Face to Face Interview


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    Face to Face Interview Empty Face to Face Interview

    Post by Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:42 pm

    Before the interview

    Research the company by visiting their website, try to get important points about the company and note down it for reference. Identify the values of the company and compare it with your personal traits. Write down important ideas and bring it to the interview.

    Enquire from your friends/relatives about the company and the mindset of the interviewer if possible. Try to get mock interview questions and if you feel necessary, try to do mock interview with some of your friends.

    Think about how you would answer typical questions such as:

    What are your goals over the next two, five, and ten years?
    What are your strengths and would you explain with examples at workplace?
    What are your weaknesses? How you were able to overcome from it?
    What do you know about our company?
    Tell me about yourself in brief in 2 minutes?
    Why should I select you for the job?
    Who has been your favorite supervisor? Why?
    Who has been your least favorite supervisor? Why?
    Try to look into the job description and how would you be suitable to the position. Prepare a list of specific strengths and professional qualifications you have for this particular position

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