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    CSC Paper on 7 February 2011 @ CochinUniversity of Science & Technology


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    CSC Paper on 7 February 2011 @ CochinUniversity of Science & Technology

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:18 pm

    The selection process:
    3. JAM ROUND
    5. HR ROUND


    It consists of 40 questions, time duration 40 minutes.
    questions 4m time and wrk, speed,distance and time, %, profit & loss, mensuration etc.. ws der. Those who have solved R.S. Aggarwal cn easily crack dis round.Der ws also one sudoku wiz ws very simple.

    It consist of 75 question, time duration ws 50 mins

    This time very few questions matched 4m d set dat we hv solved 4m Questions wer frequently askd 4m almost all d core paper of our branch. Also we wer given topic to write essay.time Duration 10 mins.


    This was the toughest round.The grp wiz went 4 GD round jst b4 our grp consist of 10 ppl bt out of dat only 3 gt selected. I gt tensd. Finally our grp entered into the GD room. The HR asked "WHO THINK DAT HE/SHE WILL B SELECTED IN DIS ROUND AND Y??" evry1 raised der 2.....Itld sir I hv d confidence and skill wiz u need 4 dis round so i i m definatly going 2 b selected ,after dat he gave d topic dat was"WT R D 3 THINGS DAT U FEEL INDIA NEEDS DIS TIME".

    when my turn came I told
    a) Formation of anti-corruption wing dat wrk directly under d president of india.
    b) Single child policy
    c) Connecting all d rivers of india
    finally 5 out of 9 clrd dis round.

    1.Describe ur mini project and wt ws ur role in dat?. Since Ihad completed my mini and major project and both wer live projects dat hv been successfully implemented in our clg , d tech HR ws really impressed 4m me.
    2.He gave me an interface and ask me dat hw u wl design it 4m
    3.Describe ur major project and wt ws ur role in dat?
    3.What is SDLC?Draw d waterfall model and explain each phases.
    4.Difference between Process and threads?Wt r system calls?
    5.Whats is DBMS and RDBMS?Asked sm SQL queries? Normalization and its various forms
    6.write a c prgm for d given pattern genration(he gave a particular pattern)
    7.What r d various OSI layers?protocol example 4m each layer.
    8.Sm questions 4m function pointer , pointer 2 array, array 2 pointer etc..
    ......these r d question wiz I remember.Mostly in dis round d HR was intrested 2 knw ab8 d project, so I stronlgy recommend dat hav d understanding of ur prjct wiz u hv dn..

    5 HR ROUND

    HR: So how are you feeling after clearing d 4 rounds?
    Me: Mam I m feeling great bt at d same time I m very sad also bcoz 2 of my best frends BIPIN & BINIT who r d best programmer of our clg had been eliminated 4m d tech interview round.
    HR: so u think dat ur nt as good as dey r in programming?
    ME: Definatly mam dey wer more desrving dan me.
    HR: Don't u think dat u r giving unprofessional answers????I can reject u.
    ME: Mam u cn reject me, it depends on u realtionship matters more 4 me rather than nothing else.
    HR:I like ur honesty
    ME:Thnks 4 dat
    HR : Wt ab8 kerala?
    ME: Very nice place.,decent and honest. In 4 yrs we hav never locked our room while we went 4 clg.
    HR: wt ab8 HCl? ME: If Iget seleted in CSC Iwl nt join dem,coz CSC is my dream comapny, D comapny 4 wiz I hv been dreaming 4m last 3 yrs 2 join.
    HR: question bond, job location and blah blah...
    ME: Igave d answers wiz c like 2 hear.
    HR: Nice to talk wid ...wait 4 d result
    ME: same here. Thnks mam

    Finally d result came at 8.30 pm and I ws amng d luckiest 11 out of 257 who made it into CSC. My dreams came true and Ifelt my self on d top of d world....


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